Building and modifying web environments

We can help you to a website that is intuitive to use and update, lovely to look at, and easy to maintain. We can even update your existing website with a bit of pizazz.
With experience on web projects for government initiatives, education and business, we can build from scratch or implement websites to suit your requirements.
Do you need someone who can solely manage all aspects of your project or integrate into your existing development team?

Drupal and WordPressdrupalwordpress

These are open source and free content management systems that we can implement and modify to meet your needs. Creating the look and feel that is right for you, and building solid behind-the-scenes databases and scripts to meet your needs.

Have you got plugins or modules that don’t quite do everything you want? Talk to us, we sound experience in this and can offer innovative solutions.


Between every website and you or your customer’s web browser is a server, and we can ensure your server works well for you. As security has got tighter it has become more complex to make sure the firewalls let through all the necessary traffic and block the rest. We can make sure that your business can keep talking to its databases through your firewalls and that your customers and clients get webpages served well. If problems do occur we are quick to respond.

PHP & MYSQLlogo-mysql-110x57 php-med-trans-light

PHP programming can be as simple as creating an email contact form or as complex as a full interactive website and shopping cart.
W can build or modify your existing PHP code to improve your website’s performance or expand its capability.

Javascript & jQuery

Javascript and jQuery deliver action and interaction on the website in ways that are fast and seamless. We have designed and built all sorts of experiences to meet the particular needs of a business or enterprise. Endlessly customisable, jQuery means you can give your customer or client just what they need when they visit your website. Even when jQuery reaches its limitations we have further solutions.

Design and project manage

Getting from an idea to a reality takes practical skills in project management, architecture and design. Our skills have been well honed by a wide variety of projects through the years since 1998.